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Name:John Segundus
"A small man with hair and eyes so dark as to be almost Italian - though the hair has grey in it. But the expression so quiet and timid as to be English without a doubt! A shabby coat all dusty and patched, with frayed cuffs that he has tried to hide by snipping them close."

John Segundus is a rather unassuming Englishman in his thirties. He has a high, reedy voice and a gentle manner. He hails from the early 1800s and is a theoretical magician-- that is, one who studies the history and practice of magic, but does not perform it. His dress, to one who knows the signs (fraying cuffs, patched and turned coat, hems and knees and elbows mended multiple times, but all clean and tidily kept), bespeaks genteel poverty.

Though he has never managed to do any magic himself, Mr Segundus is extremely sensitive to magic performed by others. He has been known to see symbolic indicators of otherwise invisible spells, accidentally intrude on at least one specifically-conjured magical dream, and to faint or grow weak in the presence of very powerful spells. If any of these things might apply to his encounter with your character, let's chat!

I can be contacted at rather.a.lark [at] (DMs are sometimes spotty for me, so email is often best).

Segundus's plotlines diverge rather extremely between Susannah Clarke's book and the BBC miniseries. PB aside, I'll be drawing from the book.

John Segundus is from Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, and is the property of Susannah Clarke and presumably many others. They appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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